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the film. now there is fear there may be backlash here in the united states. abc 7 news has that story from concord. >> for 13 years st. mary and st. nina catholic orthodox church has been part of the concord community. the morning service allowed followers to reflect upon the latest violence in egypt. >> this is very sad. egypt is not now the country it used to be. >> jipt's catholic christians makeup 85% of the people that. community experienced discrimination from religious extremists and now, there are reports linking the infamous antiislamic movie to a koptic christian living in cerritos. >> if we have one cop did something bad it doesn't mean you label the whole church that they're bad. we're not behind this person or this movie. >> father anthony and his church condemned the film, still, they fear there will be a retaliation resulting in violence and persecution against koptic christians. muslims in the by area fear a backlash. they, too, have been critical of the attacks on the u.s. embassy and violence in egypt, libya and in parts of the middle east. and amina from the islamic netw
in libya was listening to stories from people who are old enough to traveled and studied in the united states back when we had closer relations. those days are back. >> he was a history major at cal and a 1989 graduate of hastings. one professor was still in touch with him. >> he went to go save his own people. he didn't have to do that. he could have sent marines. he didn't have to go in there. he chose to try to save his people and that is just what is he all about. >> he was a 1978 graduate of piedmont high school. he was active in the theater department. he loved tennis, and running and his friends. >> after he had been appointed on facebook he was staying in touch with people and never lost ability to just reach out to people and be great. >> and he says his brother tom, says chris never married and spent final weeks of his life in sweden in a friend's wedding and then twont vienna for good restaurants and muse seems before returning to libya to get back to work. >> and there is a from a ternity tonight at 9:00 on wearing street. >> stevens won respect of piers in washington and t
networks in the united states and analysts expect it to set sales records. >> we have a breaking news update for you now. this is a live story we've been following all day. i don't know, but there is the picture we want. this is the incident on the east bay. this is the jeep involved in a shootout. that just took a street on the tow truck. there is a shoot out involving a chp office skbrer a suspect after a traffic stop that created gridlock all day. southbound lanes almost all were reopened and they hope to have lanes reopened by about 7:00 tonight. we're going to continue to follow this and bring updates throughout the broadcast. >> 10 hours to the minute the jeep is removed from the scene. let's talk about the weather forecast just a gorgeous day around the bay area. >> and this is a beautiful day. looks like we're going to have changes during the week, we might have enough moisture fr a thunderstorm or two. there is low clouds moving in. you can see shadow of the tower on the low clouds. they move out over san francisco and most of the bay area is under sunny skies and there is cl
cities in the united states rank higher. >> the mayor says it's time for a spring cleaning campaign. >> i think everybody will agree. there are favorite door doors we like people to see but we don't like the trash on the streets or graffiti. >> the mayor used to be the head of the department of public works charged with cleaning all that have stuff up. and now, by the way this survey taken from may through august of last rear but results were just published in an online magazine this month. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> okay. thank you. >> and there is a lot more still to come tonight here on abc 7 news at 6:00. just ahead a spectacular arrival of the space shuttle. it's piggy back ride to california and where to see it tomorrow. >> sand toys on steroids is how is described work going on at ocean beach in san francisco. and it's running awayed schedule. >> i'm sandhya patel. weekend is looking warmer. for the first weekend of fall. i'll have temperatures coming up. >> later tonight foster children find jobs. one pay joft of >>> welcome news for anyone who relies on the great highw
,000 women a year in the united states alone and to read more go to abc 7 >> governor brown signed two important bills over the weekend. one eliminates guidelines preventing younger women from getting mammograms and other requiring doctor dwrorz notify a woman when the mammogram detects dense breast tissue making cancer more difficult to detect. >> with just over six weeks before the november election mitt romney is taking aim at president obama's foreign policy. and he attacked the president for calling recent attacks in the middle east and muslim protests just a bump in the road he said developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. yes that. is my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. >> the president did not comment on foreign affairs when taping an appearance on the view today. he took the opportunity to slam romney on his 60 minutes interview when asked if it was fair that he paid a lower tax rate than a person making $50,000 a year he said yes. that is fair and he said that is the way you've got economic growth. i have a different vision abo
but added bhaiming the united states is also wrong. the movie have become an issue in the race for the white house and abc 7 news is here with the latest on this controversy. >> the president spoke at the un general assembly today. and there is both talking foreign policy. >> at the united nations president obama used the world stage to decry recent u.s. attacks. >> they were attacks on america and should be no doubt we'll be relentless in tracking down killers and bringing them to justice. >> mitt romney hammer the president as what he characterized as the president's response. >> he said the development are bumps in the road. that is my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. >> and we must reaffirm our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not his killers. >> and then, added this lesson intolerance. >> and we do not ban blaspheme. i expect people gorg call me awful things every day? >> and i will defend their right to do so. >> this g.o.p. challenger did not repeat his criticism over the bumps in the road and instead, insin yu yaited the presid
. >> and says the interest outside of the united states is already there. and building an audience in san francisco is just a matter of getting people to watch this new racing. >> we have to captivate their imagination. there is this next week is an important one for the america's cup organizers and teams and the city of san francisco. >> this is going to be many events bringing people to the water front and expose people who have never seen races before. and there is three big cruise ships tied up in san francisco. heading out to see the sites. >> and we wanted to see aquarium. >> there is not a lot of folks and i asked if they would consider coming back next september. >> just making a trip to see that? >> i think i would. >> and this is kids that would love it. >> and i think she meant they'd love to see the boats not larry elly.son there. is a big crowd headed for the city next week. there are some people told us no. there is no interest in watching but then, they'll be here, perhaps. and perhaps thil see the yachts that is part of the plan. >> and there is a great shot. >> does it lo
to the bay area today. and more about the visit. >> this is a first visit to the united states z almost 40 years this is the last leg of the 18 day trip. and she spoke like an experienced leader joking about things such as house arrest which she said was not bad. she had a radio, piano and many books and said what more could i ask for? and it was clear she came to the bay area to gather support support from her country. >> there is she herself allowed to leave her home only two years ago. and so this is now up to us to make sure the transition comes as peacefully as desirable. >> during her visit to the bay area, she met with political leaders at entrepreneurs who have expressed their willingness to help support her country. and she calls true caution. >> it's not enough to help a country which is merging from dictatorship into democracy. it has to be helped in such a way he foundations of the society will be strengthened. >> and during her confinement, the world continued to acknowledge her efforts to bring democracy to did you remembera. -- burma. she was awarded nobel peace prize and re
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8